What We Believe

At our core, we are purpose driven and passionate about what we do. We carefully, thoughtfully, and purposely construct our digital solutions so we can deliver beautiful results. Finally, we give back by intentionally supporting local charities and non-profits.


Beautiful results are intentionally handcrafted.

Before we lift a pen or write a line of code, we carefully consider the brand, audience, and desired outcome. Then we engage our expertise, passion and purpose to deliver superior digital experiences.


Integrity & focus on quality creates strategic value.

We believe that our value is more than a pixel or website. We relentlessly focus on serving your needs with integrity and commitment to excellence. We want to be partners for life.


Purposeful execution can solve real problems.

Many agencies will build a website or digital solution, but few will spend the time necessary to deliver visionary solutions that delightfully position you for success.


Giving back to local charities and non-profits.

We fully understand that we are fortunate to do what we love. We give back 10% of our profits to local charities to serve those who are underprivileged or facing life hardships.

Our Leadership Team

Our team has decades of experience and we can take your idea or napkin drawing to a real world-class solution. We have partnered with clients around the world in pretty much every type of market. We understand how to properly construct beautiful websites that solve challenging problems.

Jon Weiss

Founder & Principal Developer

Jon is a technology innovator with over two decades of experience writing code and developing technology. Over the years, Jon has partnered with national and regional clients in many different markets, including non-profit, education, financial services, large enterprises, and small businesses. He is a continual learner with a strong grasp on strategy, communication, and how technology enables business to deliver results. Jon was also a graduate of the Omaha 2016 AIM IT Leadership Academy.

Seth Rexilius

Creative Director

Seth is the versatile designer & director behind the design work at ShineForth. He is a long term business partner (owner/founder of WonderWild). Seth has over a decade of experience that includes work for USA Today, Disney, Adidas, NFL, Union Pacific, FOX and Coors. His approach is simple, focused and bold. Whether you’re an startup or Fortune 500 company, Seth can help you craft a thoughtful, engaging brand and bring it to life in any context. Design for the valiant of heart.

Myk Tongco


Myk is a super talented front-end Wordpress & PHP developer at ShineForth. He loves building modern websites that are beautiful, easy to use, and based on rock solid technology. Myk has experience working with many brands and companies around the US including LiveCareer, Mindflash, BestEverPads, and the National Headache Foundation.

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How We Work

We use simple, yet highly effective, methods. We are nimble, thoughtful, and purposeful about what we create and how we partner with you to create it. Our approach enhances collaboration, opens up communication, and focuses unwaveringly on quality in every step of the process.



We understand that great design begins with knowing who you are, your brand, culture, and mission. We know how to grow brands, engage design, and develop solutions. During discovery we will purposely partner, listen, research, and carefully consider before we draw or code.



Design influences everything. We know the value of handcrafted design, how it communicates message, connects with audience, and increases brand clarity. It is essential in our work and you can be sure that our design will be thoughtful, targeted and beautiful every time.



We handcraft beautiful digital experiences that work flawlessly on any desktop, tablet, or mobile device. No matter the complexity or project size, we deliver handcrafted solutions that are simple to use, easy to scale and highly effective.



Our team has successfully launched dozens of digital campaigns, websites, and apps. You can count on us to be prepared and deliver with excellence. Our methods are reliable and tested, so relax and enjoy working with a professional team of developers!

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