ShineForth Uses

Here's the list of tools, software, and hardware we are currently using in our shop. This list happens to change from time to time as we find new solutions to problems or ways to innovate our approach.

Productivity + Communication

  • Do most of our work coordination in Slack and Asana
  • For time tracking we use Harvest.
  • We use Nimbus to capture screenshots or videos in Chrome.
  • Tried several apps for managing "to do" tasks like Todoist but ultimately settled on an offline approach that works better.
  • Basecamp....ugh. We have had clients in the past who use basecamp but we have not adopted it in our stack. (We think it inherently promotes long rabbit trail discussions and deep content nesting. This contributes to poor content structure that makes it difficult to find what you need or tracking the status of anything.)

Editor + Terminal + Wordpress

  • Switched to Visual Studio Code in March 2018 after using Atom for a long time. Great editor with built in terminal/git.
  • Use One Dark Pro color theme for VS Code along with Prettier among a few other extensions.
  • For any terminal work outside of VS Code we use Hyper.
  • Switched in 2017 to using Local instead of other tools like MAMP for local development. Made by the amazing team at Flywheel.
  • For quite a while the tool for FTP and remote SSH work has been Coda.

Hardware + Desktop Apps

  • Macbook Pro 2017 - Retina, 16GB memory and 1TB SSD. Two displays with one being a 4K monitor. Magic Mouse and Apple wireless keyboard.
  • Handle all the hardware through a Belkin Thunderbolt Dock
  • Backups: Time Machine and Backblaze.
  • Documents: Seagate 4TB drive, Western Digital 2TB portable drive, Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • For an OpenVPN client we use Viscosity which works on Mac or Windows.

Tools we like or are looking at using

  • Gitbook: Where you create, write and organize documentation and books with your team.
  • Gitbook Editor is a nice app for writing on your desktop that integrates with Gitbook
  • TextExpander for creating snippets and canned responses.
  • Monday: As an alternative to Asana however we like how Asana has a Harvest integration and is slightly better at managing development projects.
  • Slate for documenting API's in a beautiful way. Used by Stripe & Paypal among many others.
  • Discourse is perhaps the most beautiful solution for creating a community/chat/forum service. Used by a ton of companies. It's sharp.

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